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Traditionally, porcelain beauties in fine clothes are associated with German, French and English puppet masters. We are so used to it.
In fact, the history of this beautiful and so necessary art for adults and children is closely connected with Russia.

For example, it is widely believed that the first porcelain was created in 1705 by the German Johann Böttger.
In fact, at the source of porcelain-making was a Luzhitsky nobleman with Russian roots by the name of Chernous. Moving in 1681 in Saxony, Chernous changed his surname to the Germanic mode and became Chirnhaus.
With the financial support of the Elector of Saxony, Chirnhaus /Chernous founded a glass factory that produced unique for that time optical glass of large sizes and lenses up to 1 meter in diameter. Thanks to these inventions of the talented Slav, European scientists were able to conduct the first physical experiments with light. It was Chirnhaus /Chernous who invented European white porcelain, but after his death in 1708 laurels went to his assistant Johann Böttger - alchemist, drunkard and adventurer. And porcelain began to be called "Böttger".

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